4 Reasons You'll Absolutely Love Adult Coloring Books

Have you tried adult coloring books yet? Here's four reasons they're Mighty Mommy's favorite new activity!

Cheryl Butler
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Inspiration surrounds us every day if we look for it. We are graced with nature’s beauty—scarlet sunsets, sandy beaches, deep blue oceans, emerald green mountains, and even a simple buttery-golden spring daffodil. One common theme of all these natural delights are the brilliant colors that make up the scene. Just look outside and check out the hues of the sky, and the many facets of vivid shades that encompass our trees, grass, and flowers. 

For decades now, kids have been encouraged to unleash their creativity with playful finger paints, markers, and, of course, everyone’s favorite—a delightful box of crayons and a coloring book. Thanks to some clever publishers and creative types, a whole new trend has developed in the world of coloring books and they’re not just for kids any longer.

Adult coloring books have been in circulation for a few years now, and actually the first adult coloring book was published in 1960, however, during the past year they’ve really taken the world by storm. 

Many adults can benefit and enjoy these popular coloring books, particularly today’s busy parents. Here are some fun and even calming reasons you might want to purchase one or two of your own.

Tip # 1:  They Can Get You Out of a Rut

As parents, we tend to get caught up in the daily grind of getting our families hurriedly out the door for school and work each day—only to fall into bed exhausted and then get up and do it all over again the next day.  We may not have huge snippets of time to devote to a hobby, but if you grab yourself an adult coloring book such as Keep Happy and Color On, you can get your creative juices flowing in a matter of minutes. Plus, when you're done, you will have beautiful pieces of art to show for it.

Tip #2:  They Can Help You Unwind

Parenting is wonderful but it's also full of daily stressors that naturally go along with the job. Whether it be at the end of a busy day or you have a few free minutes while the baby naps, picking up a box of freshly, sharpened colored pencils and your favorite coloring book can take your mind off your "to do" list and transport you to a whole other world—one where you can be free to just enjoy the rainbow and simply embrace a little unwinding time.

Tip #3:  They're Portable

Once you begin to revel in your new role as a colorist, you’ll soon realize that not only are the gorgeous designs and hues beautiful, but they're also so easy to transport. Whether you choose to delight in colored pencils or an old-fashioned box of crayons, all you’ll need to grab is either one and your favorite coloring book. So if you’re in the car while your son’s finishing up soccer practice, or in the reception area waiting to have your teeth cleaned, your coloring supplies are a breeze to take along and help you pass the time in a colorful way.

Tip #4: They're a Fun Family Activity, Too

Another benefit to taking up coloring is that it can also become a family affair. Sitting together with your kids and coloring is a great way to spend some quality time together, regardless of whether or not you stay within the lines!  Your toddler can ooh and aah alongside with you over the dazzling color choices, or you can engage in some good old-fashioned conversation with your teen as you both become engrossed in a beautiful mandala pattern. There are even spectacular nature books, such as Georgie Woodridge’s Birds, which your family will find both fun and educational.

The brilliant blue sky is the limit when it comes to choosing from the hundreds of coloring books now available so break out those pencils and crayons and see what all the fuss is about. For more adult coloring books, check out this post on the St Martins Press Craft blog.

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