5 Creative Ways to Use Your Family Photos

How many photos do you have sitting in your phone or computer? Hundreds? Thousands? How often do you look at them? Probably never. Mighty Mommy has 5 fun ways to use those photo memories in your home (and car!).

Cheryl Butler
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Thanks to this high-tech, digital world we live in we’re able to instantly capture life’s moments with the simple click of our smartphones.

This makes photo taking easier, but before we know it our storage is at full capacity and instead of enjoying all these wonderful memories, we’re scrambling to download them to our computers or external hard drives where, unfortunately, they’ll probably sit for months or years.

Instead of letting your memories languish, select a few faves and turn them into works of art. Here are five ways to get creative with your forgotten photos:

Create a Video Montage

Use free software like Adobe Spark where you can put photos, video clips, and other special moments into a video montage. This is a great way to gather a collection of vacation, graduation, or birthday photos and create a trip down memory lane that you can share with members of your family.

Decoupage Your Memories

Another way to get creative with photos is to transfer them to blocks of wood which you can then display in your home. Kick it up a notch and transfer images to the surfaces of table tops such as a coffee table or nightstand, or even a wall in your home that is craving a makeover by using the incredible art of decoupage. Depending on how many photos you choose, this could take a bit more time to accomplish but the finished result will be well worth it.

Create a Clipboard Gallery

If you like to change out your artwork on a regular basis, you may feel the same about your photos. No need to keep the same selection for ages when you can easily switch them out with the clever use of clipboards. Pinterest has many ideas for using clipboards as the foundation of your gallery wall. Updating the photos is as simple as clipping the new one up.

Decorate Your Car

Many of us, parents in particular, spend lots of time behind the wheels of our car. Take advantage of customizable visor frames that you can easily clip to your sun visor. Each time you get ready to start your engine, you can catch a glimpse of your cutie patootie which will surely bring some positive energy into your day.

Make Photo Ornaments

Personalized ornaments are not only great for your own Christmas tree, they make great gifts for grandparents, aunts and uncles, newlyweds, babysitters, and other special people in your family’s life. Two popular and relatively easy choices are wooden ornaments, which is a similar process to the decoupage tip above, or acrylic photo balls which will definitely add some glitz and whimsy to your tree.

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