5 Frightfully Fun Ways for Adults to Celebrate Halloween

Adults deserve a little scare time, too.

Cheryl Butler
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Episode #350

Progressive Halloween Dinner

As we gear up for the upcoming holiday season, there’s no better time to reconnect with friends and neighbors—and a progressive dinner is a great and inexpensive way to get everyone together. So why not kick off the holiday season with a Halloween Progressive Dinner?

In case you’re wondering what a Progressive dinner is, let me share with you this wonderful tradition! It’s basically a traveling dinner party during with which each course is eaten at the home of a different host. The great thing about hosting a progressive dinner with friends and neighbors is its versatility. My neighborhood has usually thrown a Progressive Dinner Party on New Year’s Eve, however, now more and more families go away for the holidays or prefer to just hunker down at home and not go out and about that night.  Halloween is the “unofficial” kick off to the holiday season, so what better way to get the fun going than to host your own Progressive Dinner on October 31st? 

A classic progressive dinner would mean that you choose several homes to bop in and out of:

Host 1 and 2:  Appetizers and First Course

Host 2 and 3: Main course and Sides

Host 3 and 4 and 5:  Dessert and Cocktails  

You can always kick into gear after you and your neighborhood pals return home from a night of family fun trick-or-treating with your kids. For some frightfully good menu ideas visit this link on Pinterest.  Check out some healthy and delicious Halloween alternatives from my colleague, Kara Rota, the Clever Cookstr.  Also check out the Clever Cookstr's episode Don't Call it Entertaining! And Other Dinner Party Tips

Indoor “Horror” Drive In

Pick a double feature of horror films or comedy Halloween flicks and set up an indoor “drive thru” in one of your ghost's, I mean neighbor's, houses. Pick a venue where you can actually set up a big screen and use a projector or laptop to play your selected horror flicks for a very “spooky feel."

Be sure and have nostalgic reminders of “good times gone past” on hand: buckets of popcorn, gory milk shakes (have dollar store eye balls and plastic cockroaches on hand to display or add to your treats), and, of course, cozy blankets for back-seat cuddling.

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