5 Royal Parenting Lessons

Now that Prince William is a dad, all eyes are on the newest Royal parents and it seems that the world likes what it sees. It’s not just the “royal wave” that has us all taking note, here are 5 royal parenting lessons that moms and dads across the globe can take heart in and apply to their own parenting regimen. 

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3. Learn the Value of Money

When I went off to college, I admit that although I was the oldest of five siblings and had lived the role as the second mother in our family for many years—helping me to feel mature and ready to handle living on my own, one thing I honestly hadn’t learned much about was how to manage my own money! It just wasn’t something we focused on at school or in my family.

Princess Diana certainly didn’t have to worry about finances once she married her prince, but nonetheless, she felt it very important to teach her young sons the value of money at an early age. While none of the royal family generally carried cash, Diana gave the boys pocket money and once told her oldest son that he wouldn’t be able to get two sweets at the store because he only had enough money for one, writes Katie Nicholl in William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls.

An article regarding the British Royal Family’s Worth also noted the dozens of ways the Royals value their money and how they find ways to save on a daily basis. The queen insists that everyone turn lights off when leaving a room in the palace, they eat leftovers, use hand-me-downs, and even shop at Ikea for nursery furniture. They may be worth billions, but it’s humbling to know that the queen likes to wear the same outfits a handful of times!

Learning how to respect and manage money is a lesson that all parents can teach their kids, even as young as when they first start to read. For more great advice on this extremely important life lesson, see what my colleague, Laura Adams of the Money Girl podcast, has to say in our joint episode, Money and Kids: Tips for Teaching Children About Finances.

4. It’s Important to Give Back

More so than ever, today’s generation of kids are growing up with a strong sense of entitlement. Just look at the smart phones, electronics, high-end athletic shoes, and dozens of pricey clubs and activities they have/belong to—the figures are staggering.

We can all take a Royal cue from the Queen and her family by finding a way to teach our children the importance of donating, no matter how small.

The Royals could comfortably hide out in their glitzy digs and enjoy being pampered and spoiled 'round the clock, but they believe in the importance of picking causes dear to them and continuously give back.

In 16 ways the royal family gives back to the world, between the British Red Cross, cancer research, earthquake funds, and even the Duchess of Cambridge donating her hair, the Royals are committed to making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate, and are teaching the extreme importance of giving back to their children. The Queen’s charities are reported to give back $2.1 billion a year!  

We can all take a Royal cue from the Queen and her family by finding a way to teach our children the importance of donating our time, talent, and treasure, no matter how big or small.

5. Share Your Feelings

Here in the 21st century we are fortunate to be raising our kids in a time where it’s a positive thing and very much encouraged to open up and discuss their feelings about anything that’s going well in their world and certainly issues that are causing them grief. In a royal setting, you might think that wouldn’t be the case. The world has a vision of everything being wonderful and perfect within their fairytale kingdom, but anyone who followed the devastating collapse of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana’s supposed idyllic marriage knows that even the Royals experience sadness and hard times.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, are changing the way the world sees mental health issues and are both outspoken advocates for mental health. While their efforts are primarily in the United Kingdom, their influence is international. The Royal couple, along with Prince Harry are very open in expressing their thoughts on the importance of sharing your feelings when you’re down and out. In fact, Prince William has said he wants his own children to grow up feeling free to talk about their emotions.

I love that no matter how prestigious the Monarchs are, they are also willing to be vulnerable and look to seek help by talking about what’s bothering them. This is great advice that parents of any economic background can use and it will surely benefit their children.

For more great advice, see Feeling Overwhelmed, Here are 7 Remedies by my colleague, Ellen Hendriksen, the Savvy Psychologist

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