5 Tips for Enjoying a Disney Vacation with Kids

Disney vacations should be magical and memorable, not overwhelming and exhausting. Mighty Mommy has just returned from her 20th visit to Disney World, and has 5 fabulous tips for ensuring an enjoyable theme park vacation with your family.

Cheryl Butler,
August 17, 2014
Episode #291

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My family recently returned from a very full, but extremely pleasant, vacation to our favorite destination-- Disney--and we're already talking about our next trip, which we hope will happen in two years!  As a veteran vacationer at Walt Disney World in Florida (20 times now!), I've learned from experience the ins and outs of what can help make a trip to Disney World fun and enjoyable, not an exhausting disaster.

In my previous episode, 5 Tips for Planning a Magical Disney Vacation, I covered my 5 best tips for planning and preparing for a memorable Disney vacation. This episode will cover 5 ways to really maximize the time you spend in Disney World, making it great fun for the whole family..

Tip #1:  Download a Disney App 

One thing that will help with planning a fun-filled and low-stress trip is to download a Disney app loaded with all your planning and informational needs. Try the Disney World Magic Guide, a comprehensive app that has practically everything you'll need for your next trip to Orlando, including park opening times, GPS-enabled maps, restaurant menus, ride descriptions, and more. 

Touringplans.com has a nifty app that you can subscribe to for $12.95 a year. Their planning tool shows you the least crowded park to visit every day, customized touring plans for visiting Disney's best rides, honest restaurant reviews, and how to save on Disney tickets. There is even a great app for those who are excitedly awaiting their next Disney getaway: the WDW Countdown App includes a countdown timer with a variety of different picture backgrounds.

Tip #2:  Eat Your Biggest Meal in the Middle of the Day

Vacationing with eight kids isn't cheap! And even if you don't have eight kids like I do, it still gets expensive when you're in a resort location like Disney World, and have to plan on eating at least two meals in the parks or in the resort property each day. One way we found to save a considerable amount of money is to eat our biggest meal of the day during the afternoon hours, rather than splurging on a big dinner each evening. By eating "dinner" for lunch, we still get to experience the fun and magic of Disney dining, but at a considerable savings. 


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