5 Tips to Enjoy a Tech-Free Holiday Season

If you’d like to spend the holidays connecting with your loved ones on a more personal level, Mighty Mommy has five ways you can create a more meaningful holiday trading tech time for family time.

Cheryl Butler
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The holiday season is well underway, and many families are trying to find ways to spend more time together. While having quality time with one another is very important, there are lots of competing agendas we go up against to make it happen. One of those is the world of electronics that certainly add value to our lives but can also be distracting. Not only are our kids overindulgent with their tech world, but let’s face it—so are we parents.

If you’d like to spend the holidays connecting with your loved ones on a more personal level, Mighty Mommy has five ways you can trade tech time for family time.

#1: Sync a Power Off Time

Gather your family round your beautiful Menorah or Christmas tree, or even next to your glowing fireplace, and quietly sit and just “be” for a few minutes. Make sure everyone knows that this is tech-free time—meaning no cell phones, iPads, iPods, mini laptops, or anything else that poses an electronic distraction. This is the time of year when families are truly running in harried, opposite directions trying to get everything done. Now take it one step further and suggest a certain length of time throughout the remainder of the holidays that you will all be powering off together.  We did this in my house for the past few years during the 12 days of Christmas. Each night at 7 p.m. we all power off until 8:30 p.m., and each of us leaves our devices in a basket on our kitchen island. We use this time to eat dessert together, or spend time alone doing what we want and sometimes play our favorite family board game, Apples to Apples. You can adjust this to your own family’s wants and needs. We’ve found that it has really helped lessen the chaotic anxiety that tends to flow through our household at this time of year.

#2: Thank an Inspiration

One of my favorite things in the world is to receive a handwritten note from someone—particularly if it’s for no special reason except that the person wants to connect. A few years ago, I read an inspiring blog post that suggested thanking someone who has inspired you or helped you become a better person so now we do this in our home before the end of the year.  We all chose one person who has made a difference in our lives and send them a handwritten thank you note. Sometimes we do one as a family as well as individual notes. This has included some of my children’s teachers or people at school such as the lunch lady who knows my son likes the pizza without big crust and goes out of her way to save it for him. It also includes babysitters, a friend’s parent, a coaching assistant, or neighbor who makes sure my kids have a ride when I’m not available due to my work schedule. The list goes on and on. 

Sit with your family and chat about the people who have made a difference in their lives, including your younger kids, and then have fun creating a heartfelt thank you to send off.  What a great feeling it is to give thanks and what a thrill for the recipient to be acknowledged and find out that they were an inspiration without even knowing it!  See Also:  8 Fun Ways to Say Thank You


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