5 Ways For Kids to Stay Connected With Grandparents

There will always be a special bond between kids and grandparents, but with the busy lives we lead, it's easy to let the relationship slide. Mighty Mommy shares 5 ways to help cultivate a stronger connection between the two groups.


Cheryl Butler
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Tip #3:  Online Play Time

If the grandparents in your life are tech savvy, then your kids can really have some fun interacting with them, and playing a wide variety of on-line games together.

Check out www.letsplayplease.com for fun and free ways to engage and connect over Skype, or Grandparents.com for a great selection of online games. My kids love Hooda Math's site, and have often invited their grandmother to play these games with them to share what they've learned.

Tip #4:  Schedule Play Dates

Our busy kids have calendars with more activities and appointments than many adults do. But don't let soccer, karate class, and a dozen birthday party invites clog-up your child's entire schedule--get some official dates with Gran and Gramps on the board, as well.

We intentionally schedule our kids' agendas with wellness visits, dental check-ups, and other items that we wouldn't want them to miss out on, so while you've got your calendar out, why not pick some dates that work for both the grandparents and your kids? This way, they can have regularly scheduled play dates throughout the year. When it's on the family calendar, you're more apt to honor the time, just as you would another appointment--the only difference is, this one will be highly anticipated by all parties involved!

Tip #5:  Bedtime Stories

When my kids were younger and their grandparents visited around bedtime, nothing was more sacred than the wonderful treat of having Grandpa read them their bedtime story. He always took his time, and no matter what story he was reading, he always made it a real adventure. He recently passed away, and the one memory my kids all talk about was how he made their bed time routine so magical and fun.

Now, grandparents can create a special bedtime ritual by recording a favorite story at astorybeforebed.com, where you can choose from hundreds of book titles and record text online with audio and/or video. The grandkids can then play the story back anytime he/she would like, using an iPad, iPhone, Mac, or PC. 

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