5 Ways to Add Magic to Your Child's Holiday

The holidays are all about wonder and joy.  Mighty Mommy shares 5 tips to add more magic into your child's world this festive season.

Cheryl Butler
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Episode #307

I openly admit that I’m a holiday junkie. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved all the cheerful and catchy Christmas music; the shimmer and glitz of shiny ornaments; the heavenly scent of gingerbread baking in the oven;  and the holiday lights that twinkled on our tree, mantle, and other places throughout my childhood home.

I grew up believing in Santa and my 8 kids have also been brought up with the excitement of waiting for that jolly old elf with the fluffy white beard and red velvet suit to arrive by sleigh year on Christmas Eve.  

At this point, I’m down to only one remaining child who still believes in Santa, and at the age of 9, this could be her last Christmas believing.  She’s already asking some very smart questions about the logistics of one man traveling throughout the entire world in just one night. She's also realized that Santa’s workshop seems to rely heavily on places like Target and Best Buy for items that apparently can’t be constructed in the North Pole.

Although I could spend plenty of time debating whether or not coaxing a child into believing in Santa will leave permanent psychological scars, I’d rather focus on fun and festive ways to add a little magic into your holiday season (regardless of your family's belief system)..

Tip #1: Incorporate the Sounds of the Season

A tradition my husband and I started soon after we were married was to play holiday music in our home continuously from Christmas Eve through Christmas morning.  There was something enchanting about waking in the middle of the night and hearing the theme from The Nutcracker drifting throughout the house.  Two decades later, this tradition is still going strong and now my kids even make a point of reminding me to leave the music playing as we head to bed on Christmas Eve. 

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The sounds of the season can evoke feelings of nostalgia, whimsy, or just plain get you in the spirit of the holidays. Treat your family to unexpected carols and tunes by waking up earlier than everyone else and turning on the music so they wake up to a festive atmosphere. Or put the music on when you leave for work and the kids leave for school so everyone can return to a joyful environment.  

Tip #2: Create an Indoor Winter Wonderland

An easy way to capture a dreamy, magical feel during the holidays is to liven up your home with sparkly elements that inspire you and get you excited about this time of year. 

Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, snowflakes make a cool seasonal addition to any room.  Each year we incorporate snowflakes into our holiday decorating in two different ways.  My kids spend hours cutting snowflakes from colorful scrapbook paper as well as classic white construction paper.  We then add a little white glitter for some extra sparkle and hang them in all the windows throughout our home. 

We also hang snowflakes on fishing line from the ceilings in nearly every room in the house.  We use some that the kids make as well as pre-fab ones made from plastic or foam (the dollar store is a great place to snag these). Using fishing line makes them look like they’re floating in the air.

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In addition, take advantage of any broken branches you find in the park or in your yard and spray paint them silver or white. Wait for them to dry, arrange them in vases throughout your home, and wrap them with white Christmas lights.  It makes for a festive touch when combined with the snowflakes.  


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