5 Ways to Add Magic to Your Child's Holiday

The holidays are all about wonder and joy.  Mighty Mommy shares 5 tips to add more magic into your child's world this festive season.

Cheryl Butler
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Episode #307

Tip #3: Check out Decorative Displays

Another favorite holiday tradition in our family is to pile into the minivan and drive through town to admire all the holiday lights and decorative displays in nearby neighborhoods and storefronts. Naturally, we listen to holiday songs as we take in the sights.

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Along the way, we stop and pick up some hot cocoa and donuts from our favorite bakery. Even the most surly teenagers can't help but enjoy themselves.   

Tip #4: Create Sparkling Snow Globes

One of the most delightful and magical parts of the season are the beautiful decorations that pop up everywhere. Many families dust off the snowmen, nutcrackers, and special ornaments to hang on their trees or simply position throughout the home to create a festive atmosphere.  

My grandmother had a gorgeous collection of snow globes. I remember how excited I was as a little girl getting to visit her during the holidays and admiring her collection. I was always mesmerized by the intricate designs inside each of the globes. 

A while back I discovered that it's actually super easy to create our own snow globes, thanks to Real Simple! Just follow their easy instructions to create your own festive snow globes. You can even make a few extras to share as personalized gifts. 

Tip #5: Send Letters from Santa

If Santa is part of your family’s holiday, you won’t want to miss out on sending your child an adorable letter from the North Pole. Tinyprints has created 6 templates that you can choose from to make this part of your holiday tradition even more special.

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Happy Holidays!


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