5 Ways to Cut Back on Family Chaos

Chaos seems to be accepted as the norm for busy families, but it doesn't have to be. With Mighty Mommy’s tips you can take your family from chaos and confusion to a more serene and orderly way of life.

Cheryl Butler
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Tip #3: Unwire (Literally)

One reason today’s families are reeling with constant chaos is because of our easy access to this digital world we live in. Yes—technology can truly make our lives easier and more efficient, but at the same time it can also cause us to become overwhelmed with an unhealthy abundance of noise, Internet stimulation, and information overload. One way to wean your family off of chaos is to unplug, literally, for a set period each day and get back to basics spending time simply talking to one another, reading, playing with your family pets, or doing something physical like playing in the yard, riding bikes or walking through the neighborhood or park. When you quiet the mind, you can also quiet the chaos.  See Also:  10 Fresh Parenting Resolutions

Chaos can be the result of not only way too much going in our world, but also being surrounded by continued pessimism.

Tip #4: Get Unscheduled

This tip is probably one of the most difficult for families to do—cut back on their obligations and commitments and simplify their weekly schedules by eliminating one or two activities and instead staying home. If you can even drop just one of your family’s regular responsibilities this month, and not replace it with anything but down time, you might be inspired to slowly decrease other commitments throughout the year and take back some much needed family time.   See Also:  7 Ways to Simplify Your Life During the Holidays

Tip #5: Stay Positive

Chaos can be the result of not only way too much going in our world, but also being surrounded by continued pessimism. Many times chaos not only comes from a person or family simply doing way too much all at once and all the time, but also because of being tuned in to negative vibes, naysayers, and negative influences on social media, on the news, Internet, radio and even folks at the bus stop.

If this is contributing to some of the chaotic moments in your family’s life then try and disengage from the Eeyores of the world and instead try and connect with the Pooh Bear and Piglets.  And if that’s not even possible, then stop and evaluate how you come across to your family and friends. Do you have a kind, encouraging word for others or are you a bit too critical and judgmental? When we have a positive frame of mind we tend to attract that into our lives, which in turn can result in more harmony and less friction for ourselves and our family. 

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