6 Ways to Create Family Traditions

Family traditions create special moments to remember all year round. Mighty Mommy has 6 ways to incorporate fun traditions into your family life.

Cheryl Butler
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Episode #208

Tip # 2: Creating Daily Rituals

Traditions do not have to be elaborate and fussy. There are many things you do daily that, if done consistently, can become cherished rituals that your kids will lovingly pass onto their own children. 

Take bedtime for instance. Bedtime rituals are now in decline because of the stress so many families face at the end of their busy days. Without regular bedtime structure, it’s difficult to establish rituals. Instead, children are staying up late – watching television, exchanging instant messages, playing video games, or doing homework – until they decide they are ready for bed. A lot of young children fall asleep somewhere in the house and are carried to bed by a parent. At that point, a bedtime ritual involving talking about the day, storytelling, or reading is not possible. If this sounds like your family, take steps to slowly re-establish calm bedtime routines.

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Sharing dinner together as a family on a regular basis is also becoming more difficult for many households. If dinner isn’t possible, how about breakfast? A bowl of cereal and hot chocolate is a great way to start your day off on a positive note and connect with one another before all going your separate ways. If you have a pet, you can create a ritual around their care as well. 

For instance, every day one of our kids takes our two dogs for a walk in the neighborhood before dinner. As my colleague The Dog Trainer would certainly agree, the two dogs have come to expect this ritual every day, and it’s a great way for both the pets and kids to get some exercise.

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Tip #3: Tradition of the Red Plate

Some of you may have heard of the Red Plate Tradition, and even have it integrated in your family.  This is something I’ve been doing for the past 10 years now. 

Basically, the idea is that the red plate gets to be used by a member of your family on their special day. Many gift stores carry an “official” red plate (check out www.redplatestore.com) or you can use any red plate that you have on hand.

This special plate can be used for the birthday boy or girl, if someone gets a good grade, a promotion at work, winning a baseball game, getting a driver’s license, or whatever accomplishment you want to celebrate. It's a great way to highlight big events and also makes a wonderful gift for a wedding, a new baby, or a housewarming..


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