6 Ways to Create Family Traditions

Family traditions create special moments to remember all year round. Mighty Mommy has 6 ways to incorporate fun traditions into your family life.

Cheryl Butler
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Tip #4: Birthday Traditions

Birthdays are a great way to establish new traditions. Besides the tradition of my husband taking each of our kids out for a special 1:1 outing on their birthdays, I also take out the birthday child’s baby and early childhood scrapbooks and photos and display them all throughout the house for a few days around their birthday. Each birthday child also gets to open one gift before they head off to school and the rest of their gifts after their birthday dinner. 

A friend of mine who is from Germany has a birthday tradition every year for her kids called “The Breakfast Table” in which they have cake and ice cream for breakfast. In addition, whimsical and fun gifts await the birthday child after school. And when her kids were young, she would send in small toys, such as jacks or matchbox cars, for each of her child’s school friends so they could help celebrate the special occasion as well.

Tip #5: Food Traditions

Does your family have a signature recipe or meal that you are known for throughout your neighborhood or amongst your relatives? If you enjoy cooking, food is a wonderful way to establish a tasty tradition that can involve the whole family. We have a recipe for New England clam chowder and homemade clam cakes that has been in our family for over 50 years. 

Every 4th of July we go clamming and then make enough chowder to eat, give to friends, and freeze for the winter. Strawberry picking or going to an apple orchard every fall is also another way to incorporate a seasonal tradition which can result in homemade strawberry jam or delicious apple pies. Making homemade cookies and candy to give to teachers or neighbors is another fun tradition that many families do each year. Something as simple as enjoying pancakes each Sunday morning is another easy way to bring your family closer together using food. 

Tip #6: Establish a Family Motto

A family motto helps to draw a family together. It provides focus and can motivate the family to work on specific goals, as well as lighten the mood when things are not going well. My husband coined our family motto almost 20 years ago—“Every day is good, some are better!” At first I thought he was crazy, but the more I thought about it, the more it resonated. Not every day is going to be great, but as long as we have one another and can stay positive when times are tough, there will always be a balance.

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