6 Ways to Relax During Stress Awareness Month

Spring truly is a time to reevaluate and get back in control. In light of this, Mighty Mommy shares six ways that families can embrace Stress Awareness Month, which is celebrated each April, and make some simple changes to help unwind and relax.

Cheryl Butler
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Episode #425

Stress Awareness Month has been held every April since 1992 to increase awareness about the causes and cures of this modern phenomenon. “Even though we’ve learned a lot about stress in the past twenty years,” Dr. Morton C. Orman, M.D., Founder and Director of HRN, writes on the Stress Awareness Month website, “we’ve got a long way to go. New information is now available that could help millions of Americans eliminate their suffering.”

Families today definitely fit the bill for being overworked and overstressed. We are running in dozens of directions both at home, work and running our kids to all their extracurricular activities. Spring truly is a time to reevaluate and get back in control.  In light of this, Mighty Mommy shares 6 ways that families can embrace Stress Awareness Month and make some simple changes that could have a lasting impact all year long.

#1.  Take Back Your Personal Health

Taking control of your personal health can make a great difference in the amount of stress you feel. The best way to reclaim control of your life is by taking charge of your body. Whether it is through diet, exercise, or simply getting that check up you've been putting off, let April be the month you put yourself back in control.  QDT’s Get-Fit-Guy, Ben Greenfield, is an expert in the matter of getting your body into great physical and mental shape. In How to Get Back Into Shape, he states, “So when you're trying to get back into shape after a substantial break, should you ease into it or should you just shock your system? Whether you've been inspired by a New Year's resolution, an uncooperative wardrobe, or an unfriendly bathroom mirror, my article will teach you how to get back into shape quickly and safely after a break from exercise.” 

Ben Greenfield lays out an easy plan for the first 2-6 weeks of re-entry into the world of physical activity. You know your family best, so adapt some regimens that work for you.  Perhaps you can commit to all walking the dog together each night after dinner, or forgo dessert and instead do some yard clean-up.  Clear your Saturday for family time that includes hiking or bike riding. Hit the farmers’ market and make meals from farm-to-table ingredients several times a week.  Substitute soda or sugar drinks for ice cold water.  Healthy choices on a regular basis will curb the stress in your family’s daily lives.

#2.  Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Living in the 21st century means living in a material-laden world. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with our kid’s enjoying the many sophisticated products of this wonderful time we live in, but they also need to learn the art of gratitude and how to do kind things for others just for the sake of paying it forward. Practicing monthly random acts of kindness as a family is a great way to do something special together that will automatically decreases the stress and increases the joy level in your household. Some ideas are:

Week One: Surprise! Anonymously leave a note, treat, artwork, and/or gift for a stranger.

Week Two: Create! Select a project that inspires childhood creativity.

Week Three: Give! Pick a way to give that spreads love, joy and encouragement.

Week Four: Serve! Find a way to help others with your actions!  (Volunteering & Community Service)

Week Five: Thank! Develop a way to express appreciation and gratitude to those who make our world a better place.   For more ideas, check out my "Mighty Acts of Random Kindness" board on Pinterest.


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