9 Smart Parenting Shortcuts

With hectic schedules and countless daily commitments, it’s more important than ever to find time savers to let you breathe easier and enjoy extra time with your family.  Mighty Mommy has 9 smart parenting shortcuts to help ease the grind. 

Cheryl Butler
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Tip #6:  Hang on to Free Return Address Labels

Don't throw away those return-address labels that keep coming in the mail, instead stash them in your bag. "The next time you're filling out forms for one of your child's activities and need to provide your name and address, simply stick on a label and save yourself the time of writing out the information.

Tip #7:  Remember Your Passwords

Keep bill-paying information and other important online info in one spot. Searching for a forgotten user name or password is not only frustrating, it’s also a waste of precious time. 

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I love the free website roboform.com to store passwords and pins.  If you prefer keeping hard copies, pick up an address book at the dollar store and write the name of each web site you use alphabeticall, along with your username, password, and/or pin.  Keep it in a secure place in your home office for easy access.

And check out Tech Talker's episode called Safe and Easy Ways to Store Your Passwords for more tips on how to make password storage easy and secure.

Tip #8:  Track Events Behind Your Calendar

Hang a large manila envelope behind your wall calendar. As invitations, school events, and appointments arise, immediately mark them on the calendar and then drop the notice into the envelope.   I do this with all the birthday party invites, special school events, PTO meeting notices etc. so when I get ready to go to the event, I have the directions and other specifics conveniently placed in the folder and I don’t spend needless time searching for them all over the house.  

Tip #9:  Get More Zs

I’ve always been a night owl and enjoy the peace and quiet that come with the rest of the house being sound asleep.  It’s not only serene, I find it’s very productive as well because I can read, write, pay bills, and do lots more without interruptions.  The problem is that staying up late several nights a week is not the best thing for my health. Getting enough sleep is crucial for staying well, just check out Get-Fit Guy's episode on How Sleep Makes You Fit.

So instead of keeping late night hours all week long, when I have a special task I’d like to accomplish peacefully without kids and dogs vying for attention, I turn in early several nights a week and get up a few hours earlier than the rest of the household the next morning. 

I enjoy this time even more than the late nights because I feel much more rested and usually wind up accomplishing my work before my kids wake up.

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