Great Activities for Your Kids

Discover new opportunities in your area for some family-friendly fun.

Cherylyn Feierabend
3-minute read
Episode #152

Is it just me or is this year whizzing by at an alarmingly fast pace? I can’t believe it’s already spring. Pretty soon, summer will be upon us. The kids will have more free time and that gives us more time, as parents, to spend with them. If you are looking for things to do with the kids, now might be a great time to consider some new ideas. Without school, their schedules will have a little more free time, so take some time to map out a daily or weekly plan of events. You don’t have to do EVERYTHING, but fill up your calendar, pick and choose some activities, recharge your digital camera batteries, and create some new adventures!

Ideas for Great Activities for Your Kids

When you start planning your activities you might wonder where to even begin looking for new things. I’m a creature of habit, so every year at summertime I sign my kids up for the local movie fun plan. One of the theaters offers 10 movies for seven dollars. They are all kid-friendly and on the same day each week. I also look into local summer day camps which aren’t as economical as the movies. These two items alone take up a lot of our schedule, but this year, I want to try something new. I made a list of events I know happen in our area frequently and I’ll be looking for new and different ideas as time goes on. Some of the things you can look for are

  • Cultural Festivals

  • Birdwalks

  • Stargazes

  • Plays or Musicals

  • Puppet Shows

  • Kid-friendly Conventions

  • Artwalks

  • Farmers Markets

  • Craft Shows


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