Homework Hassles

Make yourself a part of the homework process.

Cherylyn Feierabend
4-minute read
Episode #82

Hey there! You’re listening to the Mighty Mommy with some quick and dirty tips for practical parenting.

The school year is back in full swing again and along with school comes homework. Juggling homework, chores, recreational activities, and family time can be daunting for many kids and their parents. But, first a word from our sponsor.

I haven’t been in school for a few years, but I know my parents probably were not a candidate for today’s tips. I was one of those kids that always did her homework and, as nerdy as it may be, I enjoyed it. School was my friend as a kid, and doing well in school was incentive enough for me to make sure I did my best. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case with all students. Whether it’s the temptation of sports, TV, video games, sleep, or just plain defiance, many kids avoid doing their homework. This can lead to bad grades, struggles with parents, and poor working habits in general. The quick and dirty tip is to convince your kids to want to do their homework.

Since we don’t go to school with our children, we don’t always know exactly what homework has been assigned. If you are concerned that there is homework being assigned and your child is telling you there is none, make sure you contact the teacher. Many teachers have e-mail accounts now and you may even want to request that the teacher inform you of daily assignments. If you have noticed problems with incomplete assignments, this is a good way to help stay on top of the information you need so you can be certain that all of the work is getting the attention it deserves.


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