How to Make the Holidays More Exciting

Mighty Mommy's 4 easy ways to add some excitement and whimsy to your family’s holiday season.

Cheryl Butler
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With the holiday season now upon us, instead of feeling overwhelmed by frantic gift-buying at crowded stores, here are 4 ways to add some excitement and whimsy to your family’s holiday season:

  1. Surprise your children with a miniature tree for their bedrooms that they can decorate any way they like. Small 12-inch trees can be found in any craft, discount, or pharmacy store.  Set a small budget for them to spend on ornaments and supplies to create their own unique decorations.

  2. Send your child a personalized letter from Santa.  There are several web sites that will customize a letter for your child complete with a stamp from the North Pole.  These cost approximately $10. There are also free sites available that allow you to create magical letters such as freelettersfromsantaclaus.com

  3. Have a surprise goody bag waiting for your child in the car from a holiday elf!  Put one of their favorite snacks in it, or a holiday book, a Christmas ornament—basically anything that will put a smile on their face.  Don’t forget to leave a little bit of “elf dust” (glitter or confetti) next to the bag so their imaginations can run wild.   You can do something similar for your spouse by leaving a surprise invitation in his/her briefcase for a romantic dessert called “Naughty or Nice” after the kids go to bed.

  4. Find a corner or nook in your home to create a winter wonderland by making cardboard pine trees, snowmen, and festive snowflakes.  Gather any large boxes you may have or visit a local appliance store and ask if you can have some empty boxes for free.  Create a workspace to cut out giant trees, snowmen, gingerbread men, etc. and then use poster paint, glitter, buttons, scrapbook paper, white cotton balls or felt, and anything else that you can find to transform these giant cardboard cutouts into a dazzling winter display. 

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