How to Make Summer Reading Fun

If you instill a love of reading in your child, you could be giving them one of the greatest gifts they will receive in their lifetime.  Check out Mighty Mommy's tips on how to make summer reading more fun!

Cheryl Butler
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Whether you have a pre-schooler who is just starting to learn her letters or a rambunctious 10-year-old who is constantly climbing the walls, if you can instill a love of reading in your child, you could be giving them one of the greatest gifts they will receive in their lifetime.

Even if you aren’t an avid book lover yourself, you can still offer plenty of opportunities to engage your kids in reading for pleasure this summer with a few of Mighty Mommy’s suggestions:

Letter Recognition

Young and new readers learn best in the “now.”  Find opportunities together with your child to label letters by pointing out signs in the store, on the cereal box, at a stop sign, in the comic page of the newspaper, on the order board at the burger place you go to, on junk mail, on coffee table books, on highway billboards, just to name a few. 

Have them tell you what letters they see and ask them if they can also tell you what that letter sounds like. For big bonus points, see if they can come up with a word that starts with that letter.  Example “S” in Stop Sign can also be “S” for Sun.   If you play these games several times a week, before you know it your child will be doing it all by himself.

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License Plate Scramble

This game has always been a hit with my 8 kids, even now that many of them are teens.  It’s not only a fun learning game, it also helps pass the time on road trips or longer car rides.  Help your child find all the letters in the alphabet (in order) by scanning license plates for each letter. If you spot an out-of-state plate, encourage your child to share a fact he might know about that state.

Read an Ebook

According to The Kids & Family Reading Report from Scholastic, more than half the kids who have not read an ebook are interested in doing so.

Check out Scholastic’s new ebook app for kids called Storia. When you download the free app, you get 5 free ebooks to try. Early readers will enjoy the read-aloud feature, while advanced readers will love the note-taking and dictionary features.


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