How to Make Summer Reading Fun

If you instill a love of reading in your child, you could be giving them one of the greatest gifts they will receive in their lifetime.  Check out Mighty Mommy's tips on how to make summer reading more fun!

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Play Library

Try setting up a fun and inviting home library with your kids this summer, even if you don’t have a large inventory of books yet.  Start by finding the perfect spot in your home and let your kids know you want to create a special library space just for them.   

Make it comfy and kid-friendly by decorating with pillows, blankets, and reading lamps and even flash lights for nighttime reading.  Gather as many reading materials as you can, including magnifying glasses, bookmarks, and journals.  You can even create a “check out” system like real libraries have to make the experience even more authentic. 

Visit your local library to find some books to add to the mix and often you can buy discontinued or gently used books that the library no longer needs for very little money.  Have a book swap with neighbors and friends to add some new content to your home library.

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There are many ways to categorize books: little ones who are not yet reading might arrange by color, subject, character, size, or by soft/hard covers. Early readers can file books in alphabetical order by title and advanced readers can file by author’s last name. By having a designated space devoted to reading and books, you’ll be setting a wonderful example for your kids that reading is important and that books deserve a sacred place in your home.

Book Challenge For Teens

Don’t forget about your tweens and teens when it comes to generating some excitement with summer reading.  For the past five years, Mighty Mommy has offered a summer reading challenge to my 5 teens, and overall it has been quite successful. 

My teens have to read 3 books for their school summer reading program so I allow one of those books to be included in the challenge. But they must also read 2 additional books, in any genre of their choice, each within a 3-week period.  Upon completion, they have to donate the book to an appropriate place and then they get an iTunes gift card or other gift card of their choice.

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How do you encourage reading in your family? Post any tips below or send them to mommy@quickanddirtytips.com.

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