How to Organize Your Parenting Life with Julie Morgenstern

New York Time's best-selling author and organizational guru Julie Morgenstern joins Mighty Mommy to share her best tips for getting today’s busy parents and their children on track. With a simpler and more organized lifestyle, you can spend more quality time with your kids rather than letting all their “stuff” dictate your precious time.

Cheryl Butler
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Episode #500

Family time is precious and seemingly harder to come by with the hectic lifestyles most families lead these days. New York Times best-selling author and organizational guru Julie Morgenstern understands the struggle that individuals and families face trying to balance their lives and their living spaces. A sought-after organizing & productivity consultant, she has been teaching people all around the world and at all stages of life how to overcome disorganization to achieve their goals for over thirty years.

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Her latest book, Time to Parent, is a “job description” for parents. Her whole ideology is that parenting is overwhelming because the role of parent is undefined. The book is also the platform for her new podcast, Time to Parent, which will offer practical advice so parents can savor time both with their kids and on their own.

Julie Morgenstern joins Mighty Mommy to share her best tips for getting today’s busy parents and their children on track to figuring out a simpler and more organized lifestyle so they can spend more quality time together rather than letting all their “stuff” dictate their precious time.

Here are some of the topics we discuss:

  1. Julie Morgenstern discusses why she wanted to write her new book, Time to Parent.
  2. Julie shares some examples of the material covered in the book that will benefit a family that has never attempted to get organized before.
  3. If you're just not sure where to begin, Julie recommends strategies that won't overwhelm you.
  4. Should your children be involved in the process? Julie shares why hands-down it’s a family affair and how you can make it happen in your own home.
  5. There’s a reason why some families are more successful at staying on task and implementing organizational routines and why others can’t seem to get out of their own way. Find out why.
  6. Julie shares what areas in your home should be the focus when you’re trying to get organized and how you can maintain it.
  7. Find out what Julie’s favorite organizational tools are that will give families the best bang for their buck.
  8. Julie shares her heartfelt reasons as to why parents will benefit when creating and maintaining a well-organized home.
  9. Julie’s new podcast, Time to Parent, is a tremendous resource for families that need additional inspiration in staying the course in living a more organized and structured lifestyle. She’ll discuss what listeners can expect when they tune in each week.

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