Little Bad Habits

Adults can learn to break bad habits when they want to, but what do we do when our children’s unconscious habits annoy us?

Cherylyn Feierabend
3-minute read
Episode #55

When you are dealing with these issues in older children, you’ll need to talk with them about their habits, but be gentle and offer to help. Don’t insist that they stop immediately. Just like adults, the more nervous or aware of a habit like this, the harder it can be to stop it, especially if it’s a nervous habit like nail-biting. Have your older children set goals at their own pace. They have to want to stop in order for it to happen.

Finally, if your child is biting his nails until they are bleeding or grinding his teeth in a manner that truly concerns you, please contact your physician. Small nervous habits have a way of working themselves out, but be aware of habits that are out of control and truly destructive.

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