Make Every Day Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day may be celebrated on February 14, but there are lots of special, little things we can do to show our family and friends that they are loved throughout the entire year.

Cheryl Butler
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Just because the calendar says we have to celebrate our love for the people in our lives on February 14, does not mean we are limited to Valentine's Day. 

Here are 5 ways you can show the love to your friends and family (even after you’ve exchanged cards, candy, and flowers):

  • Mail handwritten notes or cards to your kids, spouse or partner, coworkers, neighbors, parents, and anyone else who is important to you. In the card, include one or two things that you admire about them.  Snail mail is almost a lost art these days.  With emails, texting, and social media, we forget how much fun it is to get an actual letter in the mail.  Set aside some time on a blah winter’s day to write out a few meaningful cards and then mail them.  What a loving pick-me-up for your child to get a note from Mom saying how much you admire his hard work in school all year long; or a card to your neighbor for being there to get the kids off the bus when you aren’t home.

  • Volunteer to do one of your kid’s or spouse’s household jobs for the week.  Maybe your daughter races home from school each day to walk the dog or your partner is the one who always helps with the kid’s homework instead of watching the news.  Give your family member an unexpected break for a week and take over one of their chores so you can give them a little "me time."  While you're doing it, be thankful for them and use this time to notice the unique things about them that are special to you.

  • Pick up their favorite treat for no particular reason.  It’s nice to be surprised with one of our favorite sweet treats or other comfort foods "just because.” If you don’t have cookies or cupcakes in the house during the average school week, surprise your family with an unexpected goodie for dessert or an after school snack. And when they ask what the occasion is, you can simply say “Because I love you!”

  • Reach out and touch someone.  Yes, I know it's a cliche, but the fact is that most people respond positively to touch. However, when we are busy, we forget to touch our most important people. When you sit with your spouse, take his or her hand; when you walk with one of your children, put your arm around his or her shoulders.  Give hugs after breakfast or before homework time to send that important message—you mean the world to me!

  • Use your words.  It’s so easy to take the words “I love you” or “You’re important to me” for granted.  When we don’t say them very often, it may even feel uncomfortable to actually verbalize these feelings.  That’s when it’s even more important to stop what you’re doing and let the important folks in your life know, out loud, that you need and appreciate them.

How do you make every day a Valentine's Day in your family? Let us know in Comments below. And check out the Quick and Dirty Tips Valentine's Day homepage for tons of helpful advice on how to make this romantic day extra special.


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