Prevent the Spread of Flu in Kids

How to teach your kids to effectively battle germs.

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Prevent the Spread of Flu in Kids

Flu and cold season is upon us, and cleanliness is your first defense against the germs that make kids sick. Kids come into contact with a lot of germs all the time, so it’s important to teach your children to wash their hands completely with soap and warm water to keep them healthy.

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Common sense will let you know when a child needs a good hand-washing, but in general they should wash up after using the restroom, blowing their nose, rubbing their eyes, eating, or coming into contact with other children or adults who may be sick, with cold, flu, or any other bug you may suspect. When in doubt, it certainly can’t hurt to wash up.

Wash the fronts, backs, and in between all the fingers, and scrub up the arms to the elbows with soap and warm water. This is also a great time to practice singing the alphabet by having kids sing while they wash. They should wash and scrub for the entire length of the song to ensure a complete cleaning. After rinsing, have your children dry their hands on a clean, dry towel, or a disposable paper towel.

If you have a child who is coughing or sneezing frequently, keep them armed with a hefty supply of tissues and keep yourself armed with some hand sanitizer. I know that some people are not fans of hand sanitizer, but when you can’t immediately get to a washroom, it’s a great substitute to keep on hand.

Stay healthy and happy parenting!