Summer Retention

Help your children keep their school skills sharp all summer long.

Cherylyn Feierabend
Episode #117

Tip 3: Open a Lemonade Stand

Help your kids get into the entrepreneurial spirit while strengthening their math skills with a time-honored lemonade stand. Not only will your kids reinforce their measuring, counting, adding, and subtracting skills, but they will also learn the value of a dollar, which is always a valuable lesson. 

Tip 4: Put on a Puppet Show for Family, Friends, and Neighbors

This is a great way to incorporate reading, writing, math and art into one giant project. Here are some helpful hints to make the experience extra-special.

Choose a good story: When adapting a story into a script, try choosing a well-loved fairytale or fable, which are often filled with a mixture of rich characters and interesting plot twists to keep the show moving along.

Make your own puppets: Make puppets using tube socks, tacky glue, scraps of material, yarn, googly eyes and anything else you might have on hand.

Create a puppet stage: Use a large box, fabric and tacky glue to create a puppet stage. If you do not have an empty box on hand, try finding one at your local hardware or appliance store.

Make a playbill: Encourage your children to create their own playbill, which can be passed out to audience members as they arrive. Not only is this a nice feature for the audience, it’s also an excellent writing exercise for your children.

Don’t forget about refreshments!: Work with your children to bake treats such as cookies or cupcakes that can be “sold” during intermission or enjoyed after the show. Cooking is an excellent way to incorporate sequencing, measuring, and counting, which are vital math skills at any level.

Tip 5: Host a Family Game Night

Family game night is an entertaining way to strengthen core math, reading, and social skills, while promoting family togetherness. Look for games that cater to a multi-age / multi-skill level crowd such as Bingo, Candyland, Monopoly or The Game of Life.   Make the evening more memorable by creating a favorite game night snack such as a Candyland parfait.

Tip 6: Get Cooking

Summer break is the perfect time to get your kids interested in cooking and nutrition. Talk to your children about their favorite kinds of food, restaurants, and store bought items. Encourage your children to look through cookbooks and recipe boxes for new ideas and twists on old favorites. To make the meal planning more memorable, let your children turn your kitchen into a restaurant for the night. Your chefs can shop with you for the needed groceries, design the menus, decorate the tables, pick the mood music, and wait on their customers. Who knows, you might find your child is the next Wolfgang Puck.

That’s it for now.

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