Tips for a Stress-Free Food Shopping Experience

Tips for Taking the Kids to the Grocery Stor.

Cherylyn Feierabend
5-minute read
Episode #21

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Today’s Topic:  Stress-Free Food Shopping, Tips for Taking the Kids to the Grocery Store

I love grocery shopping. I don’t really know why, but I do. I love to clip coupons and check sales ads to save money. I have my list and my coupon organizer ready when I arrive at the grocery store, but it still takes quite a while to find everything I need. If I have the kids with me, which I usually do, shopping can become quite a challenge. We have found some great ways to make the shopping trip fun and educational for all of us.

Organizing your shopping trip in advance can save you time, money and stress. It’s best to shop with children when everyone is well rested and not hungry. Try to keep your shopping trip under an hour. Older children will be able to tolerate longer shopping trips, but toddlers generally don’t have that much patience.

Some supermarkets have fun shopping carts. Check to see if you can find a fun cart for your kids. Some stores have miniature shopping carts that your kids can push and some have ride-on carts that look like cars for the younger shoppers. Always use the carts as they are intended and buckle your children in as instructed. Let your child walk once she is mature enough to walk along with you. Unless a child is tired or refusing to stay by your side, she really should be permitted to walk. It is good exercise and good practice for following instructions. Letting your child walk also gives her some independence along with the ability to retrieve those cheaper items from the bottom shelf for you. If your child is having trouble staying with you, ask them to hold onto the cart. When my daughter was just learning to walk with me, I would thread a knotted receiving blanket through the side of the shopping cart and have her hold onto the other end. The blanket was much easier to hold onto than the cart.

The grocery store can be a fun and educational place to visit. It may seem boring and tedious to some grown-ups and children, but you can make it interesting with a few little games. Since the store is covered with labels and price tags, it lends itself very well to letter and number recognition games. For the younger crowd, just learning letters, you can ask them to help you find items in the store beginning with a certain letter. If your daughter’s name is Mary, you can ask her to point out items with the letter M on them. Older kids can carry your shopping list and help you locate and mark items off as they are found. If you are shopping with coupons, have your child match the picture of the item or brand on the coupon to the item on the shelf. The more you make it seem like a treasure hunt, the more fun it will be for everyone.


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