Tips for Planning Fun Summer Activities

Summer break is here for most of us.

Cherylyn Feierabend
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Episode #020

You might be surprised by all of the different types of businesses which will provide tours if you request them. Some pizza places will give kids a small tour and let each child make their own pizza. Many restaurants are more than happy to give you tours if you have a few kids to bring through. Some will charge a couple of dollars depending on what they have to offer. Police departments and fire stations are often willing to provide tours as well.

If you are looking for more physically active indoor fun, check out your local gyms. Some gyms are specifically made for kids and offer gymnastics, karate, or many other types of classes. You may not need to sign up for a class. Call ahead and find out if the gym offers any open playtime. You might need to schedule a group and pay a per-child fee, but the exercise and fun is worth a couple of bucks.

I’ve been focusing on indoor activities suitable for any climate, but a great many of you live in a location which has terrific weather for being outdoors in the summer.

Kids will almost always get more fresh air and exercise with outdoor activities. Swimming is my favorite summer activity. Some facilities have indoor and heated swimming pools, which can be used year-round, but beating the heat and enjoying some sun while in the water is definitely something to look forward to in the summer. Many cities now have splash pads in the local parks. These are basically glorified sprinklers. Sometimes the water shoots up in a stream out of the ground and sometimes it’s spraying out of an animal’s mouth. Regardless of the theme of the park’s splash area, nearly all of them are zero depth and safe for toddlers. The best part is that it’s almost always free.


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