Weekend Plans for Families

Mighty Mommy's simple, easy, and fun ideas for encouraging family togetherness this weekend.

Mighty Mommy
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Weekend Plans for Families

When the weekend rolls around, you might be tempted to take it easy and relax as a family. This is fine, but don’t just plan on sitting around looking at each other. That might get old fast. This is a time for family togetherness, so plan an activity!

Play some board games, make some cookies, have a living room campout and watch a movie, read books together, or break out some coloring supplies. If the weather is nice, go outside and ride bikes, roller skate, toss a ball around, roast marshmallows or trace each other in chalk on the cement. If you have older kids, let them take turns choosing the next activity. If you have many ideas and nobody can decide, write them down and pop them in a hat. Be creative and be sure to talk, laugh, and have fun.

Lastly, I highly recommend that you document your time together. Whether you keep the calendar with your activities on it or you take family photos for your albums, help everyone remember the good times you’ve had.

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