Mighty Mommy Belly Burn Project: The Before Picture

Check out Mighty Mommy's very first "before" picture as we launch the Belly Burn Project. Learn how you too can join Mighty Mommy and Get-Fit Guy to transform your life!

Cheryl Butler
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Well, the big day is finally here.  It’s Monday, April 22, and I have officially begun the Mighty Mommy Belly Burn Project which was personally created for me by my Quick and Dirty Tips colleague, Ben Greenfield, the amazing Get-Fit Guy.   

What’s even better, I’m starting this journey to regain my total health on Earth Day.  I find this very appropriate because as so many of us celebrate being consciously aware of our environment today, I will be doing that for my overall health as well.

What Is the Mighty Mommy Belly Burn Project?

If you’re wondering what this Belly Burn Project is all about, let me share a little recap with you.

I became a first-time mom when I was 30-years-old (at least 5 years after most of my closest friends earned that title). I watched many of them go from healthy and fit, to tired and frumpy because they were too exhausted raising their kids to take care of themselves. The one promise I made to myself when I was going through the tired motions of changing diapers and breast feeding around the clock was that no matter what, I would never “let myself go” and schlep around with a soft pot belly and a sagging double chin. Sigh!

I certainly had all the intentions of keeping my pre-kid, healthy lifestyle going once I started my family, but as many busy moms (and dads) know—the demands of family life somehow take over and exercising and making the right eating choices go on the back burner.

Though parenting is an amazing job that I wouldn’t trade for anything, 8 kids and an extra 30 pounds later, Mighty Mommy is ready to get off the unhealthy roller coaster of inconsistent exercise routines, poor eating habits, and lame excuses and take charge of this very important part of my life again!

That’s why Ben Greenfield, the Get-Fit Guy, has designed the best fat burning workouts and exercises for me, along with a customized diet plan.

And here’s even better news: This isn’t going to be just for me! Mighty Mommy and Get-Fit Guy fans are in for a real treat because Ben is going to make the same plan that I’ll personally be using available to the public!. He’s even going to do live webinars throughout the year to provide us with strategies and answers to our questions about optimal workouts and exercises for stripping fat fast.

Our first webinar was on Friday, April 19th when Ben described an overview of how busy moms can still maintain their health by fitting in exercise around their busy schedules.  Our next webinar is scheduled for Friday, May 10th at 9 AM PDT, that’s 12 noon EST. At this webinar, Ben is going to discuss how stress and hormones play a big factor in successful fitness as well as getting enough sleep. 


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