8 Clever and Easy Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers--you either love 'em or hate 'em! To help inspire a bit more enthusiasm when you get that pink or blue invite in the mail, Mighty Mommy shares 8 clever ideas from her favorite baby showers ever.

Cheryl Butler
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Episode #288

Baby Showers--you either love em or hate em!  During the 6 years I was going through infertility treatments, if anyone even mentioned the words "baby" and "shower" in the same paragraph, I would have to really hold it together to avoid having a breakdown. Once we finally adopted our daughter (and then went on to have 7 more kids), I had a different view about baby showers--and although I've never really forgotten how stressful my infertility days were, I'm now just a sucker for all things baby!

But for most people, even when baby showers are for your very best friends, they're generally not events that evoke much excitement. In fact, there are still plenty of people who actually dread receiving those shower invites in the mail.

So to help inspire a bit more enthusiasm when you open that pink or blue invite, I'm sharing 8 clever ideas from my favorite baby showers ever..

Tip #1: Throw an "Open House" Shower

Most baby showers are held on a weekend afternoon, when they can easily interrupt up the flow of your weekend, or make it difficult or impossible to attend if you have family or personal obligations that have already been scheduled.  

I've recently attended a few "Open House" baby showers where guests are invited to drop by within a given time frame, allowing flexibility for making an appearance and wishing the mom-to-be well, without the time commitment of a structured gathering. What I loved about this idea was being able to come on my terms and bring the special gift I picked out for my pregnant pal, without having to sit for 3 long hours watching her slowly unwrap dozens of baby outfits and paraphernalia (cute as that might be.) It was a win/win for the guests, the host, and the guest of honor.  

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Tip #2: Forget the Games and Do a Craft Instead

If I attend one more baby shower that starts off with the game in which you are not allowed to say the word "baby," I think I just might cry like a newborn myself!  Instead, a fun trend now in the world of baby showers is finding a project that creates a practical and significant keepsake for the mom-to-be, like a special piece of jewelry. For example, every guest can bring a different stone, share why they chose that stone for the mother, and then finally, combine them all into a necklace or bracelet.  

Also fun are onesie decorating stations; just be sure to get materials that aren't too messy, like sponge paints. Decorating letters or frames to hang on the wall of the nursery, or having everyone sign a matte board for a frame, are also fun ideas.  

Tip#3: Avoid Pink and Blue

Don't make everything pink or blue. Today's hot shower hues include bold yellows and cool combos like blue/brown, paisley/pink, and periwinkle/cream. Off-whites and coral also create palettes that are festive and gender-neutral.

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Tip #4: Gifts for Mama (And Papa)

Not every shower gift has to be for baby--don't forget a few goodies for the mom-to-be when you're making your selections! Gift certificates for pedi/manis and other pampering-inspired gifts, like a massage, facial or haircut, are welcome ideas. Other thoughtful choices might include a pretty scarf, a gift basket for after baby is born (with things like a bottle of champagne and some tasty cheese and crackers), or other yummy treats to be enjoyed by the elated-but-exhausted parents after baby's arrival. 

And don't forget the future papa either: Dad-to-be is usually an afterthought, so maybe you could pick up a fun father-focused parenting book, or a "World's Greatest Dad" coffee mug with a pound of coffee, for those sleepless nights that are around the corner.  

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