8 Things to Do During Your Last Month of Pregnancy

The last few weeks of pregnancy can be tough, but they can also be exciting and special.   Mighty Mommy is a delivery room veteran times seven, so today she shares 8 Tips for meaningful ways to spend that tail-end of pregnancy.

Cheryl Butler
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Tip #5: Get Gift or Surprises for Older Siblings

I started a tradition when we had our second baby—picking out a little surprise for the new “big brother" or "big sister” which was a gift to them from their new baby sibling.  I always did this during my last month of pregnancy and I brought the gift to the hospital with me so that when the older siblings would come to visit, we could give them their gift from the new baby while they were meeting for the first time.  This always went over big and helped a small bit with sibling jealousy.

Tip #6: Take Advantage of “Life Before Baby”

I cared for 8 newborn babies over the past two decades, and I can honestly tell you that every time I came home from the hospital, I was always amazed at how much I had forgotten about the work and care a new baby requires during those first few weeks.  It was exhausting and sometimes even brutal to get through a stretch of weeks with little or no sleep, all while recovering physically from the stresses of labor and delivery, and still having to care for older siblings. So that's why I always tried to appreciate those last few moments of being pregnant.

Take advantage of these last few weeks of pregnancy to marvel at your amazing body, to enjoy feeling the baby kick and move inside of you, to relish the special time you still have alone as a couple (if you don’t already have other children) or to get closer to your kids who are already at home before the baby is born.  When your new baby comes, of course it will be a wonderful change for the entire family, but right now is also a time to celebrate before that change comes.

Tip #7: Calling All Dads—Help Your Partner Get Ready for Showtime

Hey Dads to be—we haven’t forgotten about you during the tail end of pregnancy.  You can now appreciate being in the home stretch and kudos to you for helping your spouse get through morning sickness, weird cravings, crazy mood swings, a readjusted sex life, and a lot more! 

This is a great time to really get in sync with your partner and try to understand her needs.  Some days she may just need a hug or want you to hold her hand and reassure her that everything is going to be just fine.  Other days, she may not want you in the same room with her—but that’s OK too. 

There may be very little you can do to make her feel better at this point, so just offer to listen and maybe she’d be open to a nice foot or shoulder rub.  Remember, she really does love you to pieces, but things might be a little bit tense the closer you get to showtime.  (And if you really want to show her the love, start shopping now for a sentimental card and gift to present to her in the hospital after your baby is born.)

Tip #8: Pamper Yourself

During these last few weeks of pregnancy, you’re probably not feeling at your best, so do a little something to give yourself a lift. Go get a great haircut. Enjoy a pedicure. Drive to the park and sit outside in the sunshine and read a good book or your favorite magazine.  

I always wrote myself a letter as my due date approached. I included how I was feeling, my hopes and dreams for the new baby, and what I was looking forward to during those first few months.  I still have all the letters I wrote for each of my babies and when the time is right, I’ll share them with my grown kids. 

Even if you just carve out 20 minutes a day to meditate or enjoy a cup of hot tea and soak in the quiet before your baby comes to wipe all that away, find ways to pamper yourself—you deserve it!

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