5 Ways to Enjoy a Winter Pregnancy

Mighty Mommy has experienced pregnancy in every season and loved winter the most! Here are 5 cool tips to keep you warm and cozy during this very special time in your life.

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Tip #3: Stay In and Get Organized

My seven pregnancies were all a little different with one exception—my urge to nest! When I entered my last trimester, particularly well into my eigth month, I always got an incredible desire to clean and organize my entire house. This included emptying every cupboard, drawer, closet, and shelf and then straighten, purge, dust, and reorganize nearly everything that came in my path. (And yes, even the garage and shed!) I had read about women nesting as they were about to give birth but I had a whole new appreciation for this once it happened to me. In fact, I went into labor with my first baby as I was polishing all the wood in our entryway—my water broke and I left for the hospital smelling like Lemon Pledge!

A winter pregnancy is a great time to get your home in order because when it’s snowy and icy outside, you can putter inside your cozy home and spend time getting organized before baby arrives. You can also take some time to cook and bake so you can have some heartwarming, comfort food to nourish you now as well as in those first weeks home from the hospital if you double the batch and freeze a few things.

Tip #4: Get Walking

It’s certainly not as easy to get out and grab some exercise in the great outdoors when you’re sporting a large belly and have to navigate icy sidewalks or snowy pathways but don’t let the winter months keep you from taking some healthy strolls throughout your pregnancy.

Don’t let the winter months keep you from taking some healthy strolls throughout your pregnancy.

Be sure to check with your physician or midwife first, but once you get their blessing you can incorporate a walking regimen into your pregnancy despite the weather outside. "I recommend walking to most of my patients who are pregnant," says Tanya Ghatan, M.D., an OB-GYN at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. "It's easy entry for women who've never exercised and gives athletic women a way to stay active without the high impact of other activities they've participated in." If you have a treadmill you can hop on that a few times a week but take advantage of walking a large department or grocery store that you might not normally visit. You can get your steps in and have fun exploring at the same time.

I’ve long been a power walker so a brisk walk was always my exercise of choice when I was pregnant. I delivered a 10 ½ lb baby boy in February of 1999, while only gaining about 25 lbs., and I believe that’s because I walked every day throughout my pregnancy. During those frigid winter months I enjoyed a terrific set of walking DVDs by fitness expert Leslie Sansone. I could walk several miles right in my living room and her walking program was a total blast.

A few other popular DVD workouts are "The Complete Fit & Healthy Pregnancy Workout with Gabrielle Reece," "Tracey Mallett's 3 in 1 Pregnancy System" and "Denise Austin: Fit & Firm Pregnancy." You can also check your library or Netflix for additional titles that will help you put a spring in your winter step.

Tip #5: Relax and Get Ready

During the winter that I was pregnant and had my fifth child, it just so happened to be one of the snowiest winters we had had in Rhode Island in quite a while. I was very pregnant and juggling four small children as well as working part-time as a writer at our local paper. The last month of my pregnancy was a true winter wonderland so rather than trying to keep up with some of my usual activities that took me out and about, I decided to just go with it and focused on enjoying time in my own home.

I concentrated on making sure the nursery was ready and even hand-painted a dresser for my son. I worked on my other children’s scrapbooks, indulged in reading a stack of magazines I had been saving for weeks, soaked in warm bubble baths, and even hired a baby sitter to come watch my other kids so I could retreat to my bedroom and sneak in a few naps or just have quiet time to myself.

Those last few weeks of my winter pregnancy were a gift to myself, and it really did keep me relaxed and ready to take on baby #5.

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