Introducing A New Parenting Podcast

Here's a special bonus clip from a new podcast called Josie and Jonny are Having a Baby (With You!). 

Cheryl Butler,

Mighty Mommy will be back on Monday with a regular episode. But today, I’m really excited to share a little something extra: a preview of a brand-new podcast called Josie & Jonny Are Having a Baby (With You!). josie and jonny are having a baby with you

You might know Josie Long and Jonny Donahoe as stand-up comedians. Josie has won a ton of awards at places like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

And now, they’re expecting their first child. And the show follows them through this not-totally-planned pregnancy as they get ready to become parents.

They may not know much about parenting, but they’re learning as they go – just like all of us. In each episode, they reach out to their network of friends to help them as they go. Hear from actors, writers, and entertainers like John Hodgman, Jane Marie, Eugene Mirman, and Rachel Sklar. They cover the funny, messy questions, from "What is no sleep really like?" to "How do we teach kids about politics?" and "How on earth are we going to pay for this thing?", and they talk about the tough stuff too, like IVF, postpartum depression, and other mental health concerns that sometimes come along with new parenthood.

Go find Josie and Jonny Are Having A Baby in your podcast app right now to hear the first episode. But before you do, here’s a preview of the show.

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