5 Money-Saving Arts & Crafts Supplies for Kids

Instead of breaking the bank on activities for your kids, try out these money-saving kid-friendly arts & crafts with items you can easily find around the house. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Sweet Piggy Bank

Teaching the kids about saving their money? An ice cream container makes a great piggy bank. Just clean, cut a slot in the lid, and decorate the outside with wrapping paper, stickers, and ribbon.

Colossal Blocks

Make towers you can tumble without upsetting your downstairs neighbors! Cereal boxes can easily be converted into oversized blocks for undersized humans. Make sure to shake out any excess Raisin Bran and then tape shut the top with packing tape. Add shoeboxes to the collection, along with boxes from cookies, crackers, and even ice cream sandwiches, for a variety of sizes and shapes. You can cover with wrapping paper or magazine pages if you like, or use contact paper over the original packaging to infuse an Andy Warhol-inspired bit of pop art into playtime. Keep adding to the collection instead of the recycling bin.

Paper Log Cabins

If you collect enough paper towel tubes you can make your own jumbo “Lincoln Logs”. Separate half the tubes and cut out one and a half-inch squares at either end. Take the uncut rolls and stack them perpendicularly by sliding the end into the openings you cut.

Play-Doh Fun

Make Play-Doh play more fun with a garlic press! You may hardly ever find yourself using the designer garlic press you got for your wedding, but your kids will love it to make Play-Doh “hair.” Plus you’ll finally get a chance to act out teenage fantasies of bright blue Mohawks and the like. When you’re tired of playing hairdresser, use the press to revert to the usual Play-Doh noodles or worms.

Wipes Dispenser Turned Organizational Tool

An old plastic, cylindrical dispenser for baby or disinfectant wipes is perfect for holding your child’s chunky markers. (Cut to size if necessary.)

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