How to Get Your Scissors Sharp Again

Don’t buy a new pair of scissors when your old ones don’t cut like they used to! Instead, get your old, dull scissors razor-sharp again with these easy ways to sharpen scissors and even remove rust.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Use a Mug as a Sharpener

If you have a ceramic mug, you have a knife or scissors sharpener! Just flip the mug upside down and run each blade of the scissors over the edge of the mug. It’s ceramic edge is the same as a knife sharpener, but the angle allows you to use it for scissors, too!

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Kid-Friendly Scissors Sharpening

One of the easiest ways to sharpen up household or craft scissors is with aluminum foil. Simple fold aluminum foil as many times as you can, then use the scissors to cut through the foil over and over. The foil will sharpen the scissors as you cut.

Sand Your Scissors

If your scissors are especially dull, sharpen them up your scissors in a snap with sandpaper. Just cut a piece of sandpaper at least five times, and the gritty surface will get your scissors’ blades back in shape. Then follow it up by cutting through aluminum foil as directed above.

Get Rid of Rust

As we told you in our post about the many second uses of an onion, the enzymes in onions will actually remove rust! Get a piece of onion and cut through it about 10 times. Wait a few minutes, then wipe the rust. Repeat until the rust is gone.

Scissors Rehab

If your scissors are so old and rusty they need a total rehab, follow these easy steps. First, remove any rust by applying a paste of salt and lemon juice, leaving for 15 minutes, and then rubbing thoroughly with a dry cloth. Then, sharpen the scissors by cutting a piece of steel wool 10–15 times.

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