Celebrate Earth Day Family Style

Celebrate Earth Day family style with these 6 fun ideas from Mighty Mommy!

Cheryl Butler
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Celebrate Earth Day Family Style

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 in over 100 countries. It's the biggest environmental event worldwide and has been celebrated for 40 years now. It is a day to reflect on the environmental challenges we face and think about what you can do to help solve them. 

This year, why not celebrate Earth Day family style?  Here are 6 fun ideas to get your kids thinking about the future of our planet:

  1. Enjoy a nature outing with your kids.  Take a family journey to a nearby farm and observe the cows, chickens, and plants that are being grown.  Or if you live near the desert, mountains, or the ocean venture out to one of these beautiful places and engage them in a game such as “Eye Spy” to get them thinking about how special these places in our environment really are.
  2. Volunteer to pick up litter.  A local restaurant, store parking lot, your child’s school, or your own neighborhood – all are good places to start.  When you’re picking up the trash that others have left behind, use this as a teaching moment to get your kids thinking about how we all need to work together to keep the environment healthy and clean.
  3. Create a conservation list. Turning the lights off every time the last person leaves the room, not drinking bottled water and instead using a reusable container, or saving water by turning it off while brushing teeth or by taking shorter showers are all great starting points.  We have a shower contest in our house where we keep a timer in the bathroom and set it for 5 minutes. Whoever completes their shower in – or under – 5 minutes the most times at the end of the week wins a fun prize.
  4. Give Earth Day gifts.  Let your kids make cards out of recycled paper and put some organic food ingredients or some all-natural hand cream/body lotion in a small gift basket for friends and family. Ask them in return to simply pay it forward by reminding their friends and family members to be conscious of the importance of environmental awareness.
  5. Throw an Earth Day-friendly dinner party.  Keep it simple and use earth-friendly products such as brown craft paper for the table cloth, potted herbs or small perennials for centerpieces (which guests can take home as a gift), reusable plates and cups, and serve organic recipes such as vegetable chili or lettuce wraps with chicken or fish taco fillings.  This will show your friends and family some of the easy changes you’re making to save some green and save the environment.
  6. Take the Catalog Cancelling Challenge.  It is estimated that in the U.S. alone, over 19 billion catalogs are mailed each year.  That’s the equivalent of 53 million trees and 53 billion gallons of water, according to www.planetsave.com. Help your kids understand how wasteful this is by introducing them and perhaps their school to the Catalog Cancelling Challenge which is working to put an end to cancelling catalogs that are not needed or wanted.

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