How to Get Kids to Help Out With Chores

Does your child hate to help out around the house? Mighty Mommy and the Domestic CEO have expert tips on getting your kids interested in doing household chores (with minimal whining).

Cheryl Butler
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Episode #190

How to Get Kids to Help Out With Chores

When people learn that I have 8 kids, they can’t fathom what our grocery bill must be, never mind how I keep our house in order with so many people living in it! There certainly are days when I wish the housekeeping gods would take pity and deliver a permanent maid to my door. But that seems highly unlikely so I have had to resort to the old fashioned way—enlisting the help of my family with daily chores. 

And today, I have a very special guest. Fellow Quick and Dirty Tips podcast host, Domestic CEO Amanda Thomas, is on hand with some amazing and easy tips on how to organize your kids’ toy room.


So if you’ve struggled with getting your kids to help do chores around the house, you’re in luck. Amanda and I have some great ways to make your life easier, and more organized:

Introduce Age-Appropriate Family Chores

Whether you have pre-school aged children or teens, there are plenty of age-appropriate chores that kids can do. If you are just introducing the concept of chores to your kids, sit down with them and in a positive and upbeat manner explain to them that they will now be contributing to the upkeep of their home.  Be very specific when explaining job duties. Don’t assume that your 4-year-old knows how to put away his toys in their proper places if he’s never had to do it before. Invest the time and some positive energy in teaching him about where things belong so he’ll not only learn to do it right and by himself, but he’ll ultimately learn about the benefits of organization for other aspects of his life as well.

Amanda, you have a handy tip for managing your toddler’s toys, right? Tell us about it.


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Cheryl Butler

Cheryl L. Butler is the mother of eight children. Her experiences with infertility, adoption, seven pregnancies, and raising children with developmental delays have helped her become a resource on the joys and challenges of parenting. Call the Mighty Mommy listener line at 401-284-7575 to ask a parenting question. Your call could be featured on the show!

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