No Whining Zone

Whining kids all have one thing in common: parents who give into their behavior. Mighty Mommy has 4 tips to put your kids in the "No Whining Zone" for good. 

Cheryl Butler
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No Whining Zone

Whining kids all have one thing in common—parents who give into their behavior!  If you are tired of this draining performance, here are 4 tips to help you put your children in the “No Whining Zone” for good:

Tip #1: Whining When Basic Needs Are Not Met

If your child is hungry, overtired, not feeling well, or simply missing you and needing some one on one time, don’t attempt a trip to run errands where she’ll be dragged out and about. This is an invitation for whining.  

Tip #2:  Whining for Attention

Kids need to feel safe and loved, so be sure to give them plenty of positive attention in their everyday life.  For example, if you see your child quietly playing with his new Lego set, let him know how cool you think his creation is.  When your child is used to positive, emotional support on a regular basis without his outwardly asking for it (whining, misbehaving, ignoring your instructions), he’ll feel more secure and won’t need to whine when he wants your attention.

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