Parenting and Teaching During the Coronavirus

Finding yourself needing to provide a helping hand for your children's education over the coming months? We gathered our top tips and lessons to help you turn your home into the best school it can be. 

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Here at QDT, a large portion of our audience is parents with kids still living under their roof. A lot of our content is geared toward providing tips and tricks for those families for living healthier, happier, more productive lives, individually and together.

As a parent, you might have recently found yourself at home with your kids with quite a few responsibilities you weren’t “trained” for. How can you help them learn math when you haven’t taken a math class since 11th grade? What was that science experiment from elementary school that you loved so much? How can you manage snack breaks and recess from your own home?

You already know that the Quick and Dirty Tips network’s team of experts provides actionable, tangible tricks and tips to help you live your life better. In light of the current times, our hosts have gathered their top tips to help parents out in this new situation: guiding their children through school in ways they’ve not had to before. We gathered our most relevant math tips, writing and grammar tips, science tips, nutrition tips, parenting tips, and fitness tips to help you make your home into the best school environment possible. 

Consider this your one-stop shop for all advice for the math, science, and grammar lessons you’ve forgotten, the nutrition tips you need to keep your family on track, and the fitness guidance that will keep the whole family active at home. We also added a few parenting tips for keeping everyone busy under one roof!

Math Tips

helping child with math

For more math tips, check out the Math Dude

Science Tips

parent child science experiment

Check out Everyday Einstein for more science lessons and experiments.  

Grammar and Writing Tips

parents helping child write

Grammar Girl provided all of these tips and more.  

Nutrition Tips

dad and daughter cooking

Looking for more nutrition tips? Nutrition Diva covers them all. 

Fitness Tips

family indoor fitness

Get-Fit-Guy has more hundreds of more fitness tips. 

Parenting Tips

playing inside

For more parenting advice and tricks, check out Mighty Mommy.

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