10 Ways to Make Bath Time More Fun and Relaxing

Make bath time a soothing experience.

Cheryl Butler
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The end of the day can get a bit hectic as you scramble to wrap up all the loose ends you need to complete before bedtime.  Whether you’ve been at the office, chasing kids all day long or just had “one of those days” the last thing you need is to hassle with your kids over taking a bath.

Bath time should ideally be a soothing experience where families can quiet down and transition from frenzied to a relaxed state. Here are ten ways to clean up your bath time routine and add some more fun and relaxation to the mix.

1. Change of Scenery

If your family has more than one bathroom, sometimes a simple change of scenery is all you need to add some excitement into your kid’s bath routine.  Let your child have his/her bath in your bathroom tonight.  Dim the lights and place a few flameless candles in the room to set a more soothing tone.

2. Add Fun Music

Surprise your child with some upbeat music while he/she bathes tonight.  Pick some of their favorite sing-a-longs or tunes from a movie that they love and add a festive touch to tubby time.

3. Grooming Accessories

Stock up on some fun grooming accessories like nail brushes and soft loofah sponges and let your child buff his own nails as you gently massage his back with a soapy loofah.  This is primo time for your little one to enjoy some quality time with you while he/she enjoys the calming, warm water. 

4. Treat Them

One great and unexpected joy for kids is to indulge in a cool treat in the tub. Once they are settled into the bath, serve up an ice-cold, popsicle or frozen fudgesicle.  Yum!

5. New PJs

Bath time in itself can be a great way to unwind after a crazy day, but there’s another element that can also kick it up a notch, and that’s a pair of fun, trendy new pajamas.  Once the last bubbles slowly go down the drain, wrap your little love up in a plush terry towel and surprise them with a cool pair of new PJs.

6. Color the Bath Water

There are lots of new safe dyes on the market.  Pick a crisp color of ocean blue or teal green and let your cherubs pretend they are fish.

7. Noodle Time

One of the biggest highlights for a summer swim are those fun pool foam noodles.  Bath time can be taken to a whole new level by cutting the noodles into 4–6 inch pieces and let them float all over the tub. They can be used for building blocks, and fun obstacles in the tub.

8. Bubble Machine

Add a real wow factor to your child’s bath by incorporating a bubble machine. There are many inexpensive ones available at local discount stores or on Amazon.com.

9. Glow in the Dark Soap Paint

Dim the bathroom lights and let your kids go wild with tubes of trendy glow in the dark soap paint and bubbles. This creative experience will bring an entirely new energy to your child’s bath time.

10. Get Artsy

Art projects are a lot of fun and kids absolutely adore them.  Parents love to encourage their kid’s creative side with materials such as finger paints, but the mess can be a real deterrent.  Bath time is a wonderful opportunity to let your child’s creative side soar. There are many finger paints and other artistic materials available for use in your very own bath tub.

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