Are You Overscheduled?

I still believe schedules are important, but sometimes too much is too much. Get tips on what to do if your family is overscheduled.

Cherylyn Feierabend
4-minute read
Episode #174

Those of you who have been with me for a while already know that I repeat this particular statement on occasion: schedules are important. I truly believe that a scheduled child is a happier child. Routine in a family can save your sanity. My son recently celebrated his fifth birthday and my daughter just turned seven this month and I’m finding the schedule more important now than ever before.

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Are You Overscheduled?

When I look at our family calendar I see school, play dates, Christmas pageants, birthday parties, doctor and dentist appointments, and family gatherings. During different seasons you can add sports to that list, or you might already have sporting events or dance lessons. Your kids’ days can get pretty packed full of activities… sometimes to the point of exhaustion for everyone!

How Much Scheduling Is Too Much?

If you find yourself looking at the calendar more than you are looking at your kids, you might be overscheduling everyone. The more family members you have, the more daunting this can be. Families need down time and together time. Just because you are all at the same place, that doesn’t mean you are having together time. It may be time to revamp your schedule and figure out where to cut back or how you can collaborate with others to save time and maybe find some downtime where there wasn’t any before. You may even want to schedule that downtime or family together time. 

How Can You Decide Which Events to Eliminate?

Having a schedule and sticking to it will not only save your sanity, but it will also help you budget your time, your money, and your rest.

Knowing where to cut back isn’t always easy. You need to gather input from everyone involved. If your daughter is taking dance and soccer and both are equally important to her, it might be hard to convince her that she should only focus on one. In fact, it may be near impossible and quite painful, but if she has two soccer practices, one game, and a dance recital all in one week, when is she getting her homework done? Granted, I don’t know a lot of kids who play two different sports at the same time, but what if your daughter is taking dance and your son is taking soccer? That’s still a great deal of hustling kids around here, there, and everywhere. Confusion can and will cause more stress when you have all of these stressors happening at once. Having a solid set schedule is going to be your life saver at this point.


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