How to Encourage Math Skills

Mighty Mommy's tips to incorporate math practice into kids' games.

Mighty Mommy
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How to Encourage Math Skills

Learning math doesn’t have to be relegated to the classroom or take home workbooks. There are many fun activities you and your child can do to develop math skills, including several well-known board games.

Candyland and Chutes and Ladders both involve counting and color-matching and are great for pre-schoolers. For older kids, Monopoly and The Game of Life are great choices because both use money, which is always useful for teaching math skills.

You can also have your children count the money in their piggy banks or help you with your shopping. Ask them, “If I use this $.50 coupon to buy this $2 loaf of bread, how much will this bread cost?” Hey, that’s teaching math and economics all at once! Math Dude and Money Girl would be proud.

Math games photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

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