How to Keep Kids Safe Near the Pool

Mighty Mommy explains the 3 safety rules to teach your kids before you go to the beach or the pool this summer.

Mighty Mommy
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How to Keep Kids Safe Near the Pool

It is crucial to your children’s safety that they learn to respect the water, so talk with them about the dangers of water before going to the beach or your local pool. It can be a challenging conversation because you don’t want them to be afraid of the water, but you do want them to know that it can be dangerous if they don’t follow the safety rules. Let them know the dangers of going in and around water without a grown-up and the importance of always asking permission before entering a pool. Here are 3 simple rules that are easy for children to remember:

  1. Do not play or run near the water.

  2. Ask permission from an adult before going in or around a pool.

  3. If you see another child near or in the water without a grown-up, tell an adult right away.

If you will be attending parties or play dates where there will be a pool, make sure you go over the rules with your kids before you arrive.

Remember: Just because a pool is fenced off, that doesn’t mean your children are 100% safe. Children are very resourceful. If they see a challenge like a fence or a gate, they are very likely to find a way to unlock it or climb over. In other words, don’t leave your kids unattended just because there's a gate around the water.

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