How Reading Connects Families

Reading is fundamental, but reading together is even better. Mighty Mommy has easy ideas for how to implement reading into your family's everyday life.

Cheryl Butler
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How Reading Connects Families

Reading is not just looking at words and saying them aloud in our minds, it’s letting those words take us away to visit new destinations, learn about new things, engage our imaginations. And for many of us, a good book becomes like a friend—all we have to do is pick it up, start turning pages, and we feel comfortable, interested, and sometimes, even loved.

Many studies have proven the positive correlation between a child's development and family reading time. But the bottom line is that when we read together with our kids, it creates a connection and a common interest. When children are younger it creates a sense of safety, nurturing, and love.  It also helps establish routines, particularly in the evening before bedtime, because if we read to our kids consistently at that time, it helps transition them from a busy, hectic day to a relaxed and cozy state of mind (perfect for sleeping).

Keep books tucked away in your car, in your travel bag, or in the kids’ backpacks when you’re on the go.  Books can be a wonderful way to spend time when you’re waiting for a doctor’s appointment, are stuck in traffic, or even when visiting with grandparents. 

And don’t forget the library.  Your community library can become a family’s richest treasure!  Make it a regular part of your weekly schedule to attend story time or just go to find a brand new series that the family can enjoy together, as well as individual reads that will excite your child and keep him coming back for new experiences throughout his lifetime.

No matter what type of book tickles your fancy, sit down with your kids and get reading.

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