How to Safety Proof Your Bathroom

Make sure nothing goes in the toilet that’s not supposed to.

Cherylyn Feierabend
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Episode #134

A Few Basic Tips

Many suggestions may seem like simple common sense, but just as a reminder, never leave electrical appliances out in the bathroom. Even if they are turned off and unplugged, little hands can do amazing things and dangerous things. Make sure to keep all razors, shampoo bottles, and lotions out of reach. If a product has “keep out of reach of children” on the label, then that’s a good clue to put that item away. Put latches on the cabinet doors in the bathroom. Make sure there is no way your baby can accidentally lock himself in the bathroom. One suggestion is to keep a key on top of the door jam outside of the bathroom so that if the door becomes locked from the inside, you have a way to immediately open it. Another option is to install a non-locking doorknob.

When children are older and using the bathroom on their own, it’s helpful to have a nightlight in the bathroom. Also, though it may not be a safety measure, depending how you look at it, let your kids know where you keep the extra rolls of toilet paper. They will absolutely appreciate it one day even if they don’t replace the existing roll for you just yet. Finally, regardless of your child’s age, never throw razors, razor blades, empty cleaning product containers, or other hazardous items into the bathroom’s wastebasket. Empty the trash regularly and keep the bathroom clean to minimize the breeding of yucky bathroom germs!

As I said earlier, I’m sure there are more wonderful tips and suggestions for making your bathroom safer. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section for the transcript of this show at the Quick and Dirty Tips website.

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