Introduction to Potty Training

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Cherylyn Feierabend
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Episode #13

During the final few days leading up to potty training use encouraging and positive words to let your child know what’s coming. Choose a day that you intend to begin and give reminders throughout the week ahead. Your child will know what to expect and will be able to respond with clues as to whether she really is ready. If she says, “no” when you tell her what’s coming, don’t give up hope. She might be ready to go when the day finally arrives, but don’t be surprised if she is showing trepidation. Let her know that it’s okay if she isn’t ready today and she can try again in a few days. Give her some time and she may decide to try it out on her own. My suggestion at this point would be to stop mentioning the potty for a few days and then pick a new day to start and try again. My own daughter was very stubborn and never wanted to do it on the day I chose. When she was finally ready to go, she told me. 

My final tip for this episode is to make sure all caregivers are on board. Once you have chosen your method of potty training, you’ll want to ensure that all caregivers are consistent. Let everyone who may be helping with training know the process you’ve chosen and what you expect from them.

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