Involve Your Kids in Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6 – 10th! Check out Mighty Mommy's tips for showing your kids' favorite teachers how much they are loved.

Cheryl Butler
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Involve Your Kids in Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated throughout the country the week of May 6 – 10th and although teachers don’t expect to be rewarded with gifts for teaching our kids, this week gives students and parents a unique opportunity to show favorite teachers how much they are loved! 
Get your kids involved with this celebration by talking to them about the time and effort teachers devote to their students throughout the school year and why it is essential to recognize their hard work.  Brainstorm some creative ways that they can show their thanks during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Here are Mighty Mommy’s 5 suggestions:

  1. Show the Love  Coordinate getting each student in your child’s classroom to draw a picture or write a few words. Keep it simple like, “I love Mrs. Flynn because she is patient” and then sneak into the school and decorate her entire classroom door with all these love notes!
  2. Scavenger Hunt  Plan a simple scavenger hunt with class parents which entails leaving a daily clue for the teacher to find a sweet token of appreciation in various locations in their classroom or the school.  Hang a reusable tote bag with the teacher’s name on it on the back of their class door, hide a coffee gift card under their desk, compile thank you notes from class parents, leave a bouquet of fresh flowers in the teacher’s lounge with her name on it, hide some new school supplies in a student’s cubby – the options are endless!
  1. Write a Card  Teachers say by far this is the best present. A note — handwritten, typed, or drawn by a student gives their teacher a real sense of accomplishment and a glimpse into how they have made a different in that child’s life.  And if you want to take this one step further, if you have a really special teacher in your child’s life you can send a handwritten note or email to the teacher’s principal and or superintendent acknowledging your appreciation.
  2. Give in their Name   Your child can find out if there is a favorite charity or local organization where their teacher volunteers at or supports, and donate a small amount in their name. Present them with a certificate or card detailing that your child did this in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.
  3. Make their Job Easier  Check out TeacherLists.com. Help your teachers get their classroom wish lists up on the site then share the class web pages with all of this year’s parents or through the PTO or school website. Teachers simply don’t need any more coffee mugs, but they love getting the teaching supplies that can help them in their jobs. 
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