Mallika Chopra's Best Advice to Help Kids Manage Their Feelings

School, sports, homework, peer pressure—kids face a lot of stress! Author and speaker Mallika Chopra offers powerful advice to help your child build independence and inner strength.

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Is your child a bit overwhelmed with trying to keep up a crazy pace? School, sports and extracurricular activities, homework, and daily peer pressure often compete for a child's attention. A demanding schedule and lifestyle can lead to a lot of stress. What can you and your child do to cope?

Mallika Chopra is a mom, media entrepreneur, author, and public speaker. (She's also the daughter of spiritual guru Deepak Chopra.) Today, she joins Mighty Mommy to discuss her latest book, Just Feel: How to Be Stronger, Happier, Healthier, and More. It's a full-color, illustrated guide for kids ages 8-12 that gives them the tools to build resilience and overcome their daily pressures.

Putting these strategies into action will help your child develop independence, grit, and inner strength.

Mallika wants kids to know that their feelings are potent and affect both their mood and choices. Her book provides mindful exercises that show kids how to identify their feelings, express them, and make good choices. Putting these strategies into action will help them develop independence, grit, and inner strength.

Just Feel is the follow-up to Mallika's popular book, Just Breathe, which offers practical advice on breathing techniques and guided meditations for a number of scenarios. It's designed to help kids deal with stress, fall asleep, and have better focus in school.

Have a listen to the interview by clicking on the audio player above. Here are a few things we'll talk about in this episode.

  • You'll learn some of the biggest challenges today’s kids and teens face and how parents are contributing to their daily stressors.
  • Mallika explains whether Just Feel is a book to have your child read independently or to read together.
  • Mallika shares some of the tools and exercises she recommends and explains how families can benefit from them.
  • Is your child reluctant to share his or her feelings? We'll talk about helping them.   
  • We'll discover a few ways to be more proactive when it comes to supporting and empowering your child as well as building their self-confidence.
  • Mallika will tell you her number-one takeaway from the book—advice to help you parent your child through good times and difficult ones.


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