Santa Claus vs. The Tween

Answering questions about Santa Claus.

Cherylyn Feierabend
3-minute read
Episode #173

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It’s Christmastime there’s no need to be afraid. I feel like I should sing! There really is no reason to be afraid of what, you might ask. How about of the question, often asked by pre-teens, or as we now call them, tweens, “Is Santa Claus real?” Before I answer this question, and yes, he is real, you might want to shield the young’ns from this one because I’m going to be talking some serious stuff about the big guy.

Is Santa Real?

My children are too young to start questioning the existence of Santa, but I do have a nephew who is struggling with his belief and we had a conversation about it just before Christmas this year. I’m sure that he’ll also be questioning the existence of other clandestine characters of his lifetime: the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and for those who grew up in my household, the Great Pumpkin.

Santa’s Helpers

If you celebrate any or all of these characters, your kids are certain to come to the eventual realization that you may have had a hand in performing on the characters’ behalf. It’s a very personal decision for parents. You need to take into consideration your beliefs and your children’s personalities. How they handle information can play an important role in how you address the subject. I once had a friend tell me that she felt as though she was lying to her children by letting them believe in the existence of Santa Claus. There are also people I know who can vividly remember the moment at which they learned that Mom and Dad were responsible for filling the stockings on Christmas Eve. Every person is different and if I give you all a cut-and-dried answer for the “Are you Santa?” question, it would probably be the right answer for only a very tiny portion of the population.