Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Feelings

Face it. We are emotional creatures.

Cherylyn Feierabend
4-minute read
Episode #103

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This week’s guest writer is award-winning author Stacey Kaye. I am excited to share Stacey’s writing with you. My kids and I have truly enjoyed her two books, Ready for the Day! A Tale of Teamwork and Toast, and Hardly Any Foot Dragging and Ready for Bed! A Tale of Cleaning up Tucking In, and Hardly Any Complaining. Stacey’s third book Ready to Play! A Tale of Toys and Friends and Barely any Bickering comes out in April, 2009. You can find more information about Stacey and the wonderful information she’s sharing at www.parentsmartkidhappy.com. In this episode, she’s going to talk to us about validating our kids’ feelings – why we should and how to do it.

Feelings….Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Feelings

The one thing that separates us humans from animals is our need and desire to express feelings. When we’re happy, we want everyone around us to share in our joy. When we’re sad, we expect loved ones to rally around and comfort us. When we’re angry, we may seek solitude or revenge. Face it. We are emotional creatures.

As grown ups, we have come to expect to experience a wide-range of emotions daily. We wake up feeling … We arrive to work feeling … We finish a project and feel ... We spend time with our family feeling … We watch the news and feel … And when we put our head on the pillow we feel …   Our emotions run high and low and everything in between.

Yet, when it comes to children’s feelings, many parents stifle or dismiss their kids’ feelings. Often, our kids’ emotional outbursts show up at inconvenient times, like when we’re late for morning carpool. Or our kids’ public displays of disappointment can be down-right embarrassing in the middle of aisle 5 at the grocery store. 

What is an emotional and stressed out parent to do?


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