Should You Get Two Puppies at the Same Time?

It sounds like fun to have two puppies. Is it a good idea?

Jolanta Benal, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA,
December 6, 2010
Episode #086

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Puppy faces, puppy bellies, little pink pads on puppy feet. My name is Jolanta, and I am powerless over the puppy cute. Let’s just get that out of the way.

The puppy cute being what it is, you might be thinking you could double the fun by getting two. Ah, but then what?;

Should You Get Two Puppies at the Same Time?

Before you start picking out the typeface for that adoption announcement, consider what you’re in for. Raising a single puppy is the kind of project that has people muttering “Never again” under their breaths. Also, they are muttering it at two a.m. The reason they are muttering it at two a.m. is that the puppy woke up at 1:55 a.m. needing a toilet break. Now, if you have two puppies, the first one has woken the second, so you have to take them both out. One under each arm. Down your back porch steps. In the rain.  Isn’t this sounding cuddly and fun?

While we’re on the subject, housetraining two puppies is just like housetraining one: you supply plenty of opportunities to eliminate in the right place. You supervise and confine your puppy to prevent her from eliminating in the wrong place. Only, the odds are high that while you have your eagle eye on  Dogalini, little Zippy will sniff the ground, circle, and lay some poop.

Each Puppy Needs Individual Attention

So far this might sound more or less eye-rolling but not like the end of the world. However, when you’re raising two puppies, you have to do everything separately for each. And you have to do it every day. Good reasons exist for this--I’ll get to them in a moment, but for now just think about the to-do list.